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Our group, phattanaphan Chemitech (PNP for short), is Thailand based specializing in the manufacture and coating and binders. The name “Phattanaphan” means “continuous development through chemical technology” and we strive to keep that as the guiding principle for our business.

PNP was established in 1965 in Bangkok, supplying just a small part of the local construction market with simple water based adhesives. Since then we have expanded to become a major manufacturer and supplier of specialized water-based adhesive and binders to Thai industry with export sales to several Asian countries.

In 1996/97 we constructed our own manufacturing plant at Rayong, Thailand, to make both our own polymer and co-polymer raw material and to mix the final products. The ability to make our own major raw materials in-house ensures that we can provide our customers with products which are both highly consistent in performance and easy to use. Our factory at Rayoung currently occupies about 1.6 hectares (about 4 acres) with room for expansion. At present there are 5 reactors of various capacities installed. Current capacity is around 1200 tons per month depending upon the actual product mix being produced at the time.

The PNP factory is certified to both ISO9001 and ISO14001. We at PNP take pride in the fact that our factory was the first in Thailand to achieve certification to both these international standards. PNP’s success in the field of timber adhesives was obtained through the ability of its adhesives to routinely satisfy application overseas standards such as European DIN and Japanese JAS standard.

In 2005-mid of 2007 we constructed new factory in Long An, Vietnam, to produce both of water & Solvent based. We estimate its capacity shall be around 2,400 tons per month depending upon the actual product mix being produed at the time.

While PNP can offer a wide range of standard product formulations for most applications, some customers have special needs which can only be satisfied by creating a special formulation for them. At Rayong plant, we have a R & D Department with well-equipped laboratory and qualified chemists to carry out this purpose. Development and production staffs work closely together to come up with suitable custom formulation which can both satisfy the customer’s requirements while being readily producible on an ongoing basis.

The PNP sales team all have a technical background which helps them work with customers to achieve the results as good as possible of customers.

All of us at PNP are dedicated to looking after the best interest of you, esteemed customers. Your success is what makes our success. It would be our great pleasure to serve you.Text Box:







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